How web traffic can help you live a better life

Knowing how to use the internet as a sales channel and which audience you are targeting is important for increasing web traffic to your website.

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written by Aleksandar Debeljak

This blog will show you how to best get people to visit your website. To succeed and drive traffic to your website, it is important to know how to use the internet as a sales channel and which audience you plan on targeting.

If you want to target using social media, at Svenskarna och internet 2015 we can see which social media channels were the most popular among Swedes in 2015. From their statistics, we can see that:

  • Facebook is the most popular of all social media.
  • Snapchat is most popular among high school students.
  • Instagram is growing most rapidly among young people.
  • One in five are using LinkedIn.
  • Twitter has doubled in three years.

These statistics are important to know in order to determine how best to market on your social media channels. Knowing which audience is available on each social media channel is extremely important to send relevant advertisement or information about your business utilising the channel that your audience prefers.

The internet has many different sales channels to connect with your audience. I have brought up social media, but there are many more that you can use and it depends on which channels your audience prefers.. Search engines, blogs, video ads and marketing via email are some additional channels that can be useful for your business. In order to best reach out to customers, you need to understand how the buying process works:

  1. Buyers, customers need something.
  2. Search for information.
  3. Creates an interest.
  4. Consider their options.
  5. Make a decision.
  6. Buy the product or service.
  7. Make an evaluation of the product or service.
  8. Recommend the product.

The buying process can obviously be different, it does not always start by need. But to generalize the buying process this example is common for how it can be done. By making use of video ads and social media, you can create a need for the customer. Then when the customer begins to search for the information you can give them the best solution to their problem. When the customer eventually buys the product it can be useful to retain the customer, for example marketing via email and newsletters. That way you can get loyal customers who will buy more products from your website.If your customers are satisfied with your business it is good to let them give recommendations to others via social media, for example.

It is good to note that in a recent article by MarketingProfs it showed that 68% of consumers preferred to receive retail brand communications through email. Yes we were surprised as you, but this statistic does not give you the right to scrap using social media and invest heavily in email. Social media will always be great to connect with your audience and build brand awareness.

Remember that it is important to get customers to your website and convert them into customers to grow your business. By utilizing the different internet sales channels, you hopefully can manage to get more customers to your site. Remember also to create awareness and interest in your product by creating good content to get the customer to want your product. If you have any feedback or questions about how to use the internet as a sales channel, please contact us or leave a comment, and we will answer you shortly.

This blog sums up the Digitalakademin’s third lesson about driving traffic to your website.

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