#90KStrong To Celebrate The Spirit Of Karl-Oskar

Let us all be #90KStrong to celebrate the spirit of Karl-Oskar.

photo by SOS Barnbyar
written by Derrick English Jr.

In honor of the 2017 Karl-Oskar celebration, Mizzo and DLE Solutions are doing an initiative to promote not only its Swedish heritage but also to remember those who are struggling for a better life and need our support.

Karl-Oskar is a fictional character in Vilhelm Moberg’s novel The Emigrants who migrated from Småland to America. Each year the city of Växjö holds a festival which has a population of about 90,000.

Thus our #90KStrong campaign to raise 90,000 konor to support SOS Barnbyar with an outreach to Växjö and everyone else to retweet our tweet to help us reach over 90,000 retweets by August 31, 2017. Once we reach our retweet goal, our sponsors will fund our campaign with a donation which you can do as well by visiting our SOS Barnbyar campaign page.

Still not sure how this retweet campaign works, here is an example:

ABC Company commits to give 5000 kronor if we reach our #90KStrong retweet goal. If we don’t, then ABC Company does not have to give anything. However, since it goes for a good cause ABC Company still decides to donate to SOS Barnbyar.

Let us all be #90KStrong to celebrate the spirit of Karl-Oskar.

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